Our Team

Tennyson Court Staff

Lindsey McSharar

Chief operating officer

I PROMOTE growth and balance for all employees to better our community. Through the collaboration of departments, I enjoy innovative thinking to break past traditional assisted living. I strive to make this community a legacy with compliance, education, and humility.

  • Personal Development Seeker
  • Committed to Lead
  • Objective-Driven
Tennyson Court Staff

Sue Nawojski


I SERVE our community and feel that the care of the residents is our first and most important priority. I strive to create a positive culture that is productive  for our staff to work and grown in, and a loving home for our residents to live and feel safe in. My life experiences both personal and professional has brought me to a job I love, and I am thankful to be able to lead such a wonderful community.   

  • Integrity
  • Creative Thinker
  • Committed




Tennyson Court Staff

Michael Efthemis

Culinary Director

I CATER with excellence to the tastes of the seniors I serve.  I specialize in cooking meals that provide the comforts of home life.  The teamwork of hand selected staff provides family orientated dining at Tennyson Court.  I have been serving the residents and families of Tennyson Court for 7 years and make pride myself on my attention to detail.

  • Culinary Artist
  • Savory Pleaser
  • Provider
Tennyson Court Staff

Melissa Dziura

Business Manager

I am COMPASSIONATE.  I am a person who values the senior population and has since I was very young. I have had the privilege of working at Tennyson Court for 18 years.  During my time here at Tennyson, I have had the privilege of wearing many hats in the community.  It is an honor to work with the staff, the residents and the families of Tennyson Court.  Each day, I bring my caring and positive attitude to the business side of Tennyson Court. 

  • Committed
  • Consistent 
  • Preparedness
Tennyson Court Staff

Amy Krathaus

Assistant Business Manager

I ORGANIZE and assist with the day to day business of Tennyson Court.  As part of the business office for 4 years, I deliver the very best to those we hire to the Tennyson team.  My duties span from employee orientation to resident account management.  I consider myself to be reliable, hardworking, efficient and self-motivated.  I take pride in delivering quality customer service for our residents and families.  I am committed on building a caring and compassionate workplace where staff can grow as people and professionals.

  • Efficient
  • Understanding
  • Teamwork
Tennyson Court Staff

Brian Bussman

Director of Environmental service

I MAINTAIN the integrity of the Tennyson Court community.  I have been privileged to lead the maintenance team for over 8 years.  My team cares for the residents by keeping the building safe, fully operating, clean and beautiful.  It is my goal from the moment you enter our grounds, you feel at home.

  • Dependable
  • Order
  • Continuous Improvement
Tennyson Court Staff

Madison Marsala

Activities Coordinator 

I ENRICH the lives of residents in our community. I have been part of our community for two years and find new ways to entertain and invest residents in daily activities. With the help of my team, I manage and oversee several activities per day ranging from concerts, art, exercise, nail care, socials, outings and many more! Residents look to my staff and I for companionship in group and one-on-one activities. I program each activity by the interests of our resident to make sure they are occupied and social during their time spent living here at Tennyson. I am thankful to be working with the residents at Tennyson Court!

  • Energetic
  • Patient
  • Caring
Tennyson Court Staff

Anna Dyskina, RN, BSN

case manager

I ENJOY working with our Residents.  I bring excitement to elderly patient care. I utilize my extensive international RN experience in health care to provide resident and family centered care driven by patience and rigor. I am a team player who treats both staff and the residents with respect, passionately advocates for their interests, and encourages collaboration. I expect accountability from myself and colleagues. 

  • Teamwork
  • High expectation
  • Accuracy 
Tennyson Court Staff

Lynn Sherk, LPN

Director of nursing

I CARE about the residents and staff that rely on me for guidance based on my 30+ years of caring for the elderly.  I put a great emphasis on quality care for our residents.  My experience brings a calm approach when communicating with the residents, families and staff.  I am accountable for my nursing care and feel responsible for the residents in our community. I enjoy nursing and I believe it shows in my day to day interactions.

  • Highly proficient
  • Strong Advocate
  • Compassionate 
Tennyson Court Staff

Lynn Syracuse

assistant resident care director

I ADVOCATE for the best interest of our residents and make sure they receive the care they deserve. I work alongside the staff to teach best practices when it comes to the resident’s individual care needs. I manage our relationships with outside providers and make it a priority to uphold our standards of quality of care. I am proud to say that I have been a dedicated nurse for over 35 years. Providing dignified care is my priority.

  • Dedicated
  • Teacher
  • Supportive