Enhanced Assisted Living CARE in Hamburg, NY 

Enhanced Assisted Living in Hamburg NYProviding A Higher Level Of Care

To provide care for the needs of our residents, Tennyson Court has expanded services to incorporate enhanced assisted living care. With secure living quarters and program additions, our community has undergone changes required by New York State to become licensed as an Enhanced Assisted Living Residences. With complete authorization earned, our staff has received advanced training to provide every additional service with maximum competency. If you are looking for an enhanced assisted living facility in Hamburg, NY come visit Tennyson Court!  

Benefits of Enhanced Assisted Living Care

Enhanced assisted living care extends the coverage medical beyond the means of traditional assisted living services. Examples may include assistance with medical equipment, getting in and out of bed, or transferring from a wheelchair. At Tennyson, our team of care coordinators is closely involved with each resident to design and evaluate their personal care plans. 

Enhanced assisted living care provides added attention, but residents are not completely dependent on caretakers as they would be with skilled nursing care. Enhanced assisted living care still offers a greater level of independence for daily living arrangements. From planning schedules, cooking meals or attending community activities, residents get to decide on a variety of matters. If you find your loved one or your family requiring a higher level of care, enhanced assisted living may be what you need!

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To see everything we offer, bring your family to experience our community at its fullest! Schedule a tour to view all the different areas on our campus and see if we can help your loved one. Additionally, we will give you a thorough overview of all the details included in enhanced assisted living too. To find out more information about Certified Enhanced Assisted Living Care at Tennyson Court, give us a call today!