Enhanced Assisted Living Facility in Getzville, NY 

Enhanced Assisted Living in Getzville NYProviding the Level of Care You Need

In an effort to provide expanded services to our community, Tennyson Court offers enhanced assisted living services to those who need additional support. As a licensed, New York State Enhanced Assisted Living Residence, our staff and facility are trained to follow regulations that ensure we provide safe and effective care. Additionally, we have our own policies and standards in place to help us offer the highest level of care available in Getzville, NY.  


Benefits of Enhanced Assisted Living Care

Residents who select enhanced assisted living care are given greater assistance for medical needs. This can include assistance with using medical equipment, getting in and out of bed, or transferring from a wheelchair. However, enhanced assisted living care differs from skilled nursing care. Nursing care provides much more supervision throughout the day, while enhanced assisted living offers greater independence. From scheduling personal care times, making their meals or joining communal events, residents largely remain independent. All things considered, enhanced assisted living frees our members from worrying about medical necessities so that they can have a peaceful and comfortable stay. 

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To see all that we can offer, we recommend coming to tour our community with your family! You can schedule a visit to view the different sections around our campus and see if we would be the perfect fit for your loved one. To learn more about Tennyson Court’s Certified Enhanced Assisted Living Care services in Getzville, give us a call today!