Assisted Living For a Loved One

Assisted living

We are the support you need. If you are a caregiver or the loved one of a person in need of assisted living services, Tennyson Court is ready to make a difference. We make a difference in the lives of our residents. From our wonderful community, events, and professional staff to our amenities and medical treatment capabilities, you can expect your loved one to be treated with kindness, attention, compassion, and professionalism. We understand that some residents may require different levels of care, which is why our staff has been trained to assist residents with the necessary tasks and requirements while allowing them to operate as freely and independently as possible.  

They will be provided with:

  • A safe environment that is engaging. 
  • A staff that truly cares about the residents and is professionally trained to assist them. 
  • Individualized care plans for different levels of assistance. 
  • A life that they can enjoy in a setting that is welcoming.

ASSISTED LIVING Services Offered

  • 24/7 Supervision and Care Available
  • 3 Well-Balanced Meals with Choices and Alternatives
  • Medication Management
  • Weekly Housekeeping & Room by Room Laundry Services
  • Lunch and Shopping Trips
  • Emergency Call System
  • On-Site Nursing
  • Snacks, Fresh Fruit, Coffee and Tea Always Available
  • Excellent staffing ratios
  • Assistance with Hygiene, Grooming, Bathing and Toileting
  • Partner Pharmacy – We Order and Manage Medication Delivery
  • Wanderguard System
  • Resident Activities throughout the day and weekends
  • Onsite Beauty Salon/ Barber Shop
  • Private and Secured Patios and Courtyards

Memory Care

Sometimes in life, a curveball is thrown our way or a slow progression of memory conditions arise. Whether this is a new condition or it has slowly been progressing, we have a dedicated staff and rooms that offer memory care services. Memory care residents are giving a different approach to treatment and assisted living. One that helps stimulate their minds through various programs and activities. We understand that these circumstances are different and often sensitive. We take each individual with a unique approach and perspective, providing a safe, securce space while we guide them towards a quality of life that will allow them to flourish. 

Helping To Ease Your Stress

We know that placing a loved one in an assisted living facility can be a difficult decision. We believe that we have the resources to not only provide your loved one with an excellent living situation, but the resources that will ultimately enhance their quality of life, easing the burden and taking weight off your shoulders. 

What You Can Do To Find Out More

For more information, we will gladly speak with you over the phone or respond to your messages. If you would like to, you can schedule a guided tour which we highly recommend. That way, you can come to our community and see for yourself.